is software that makes booking and managing travel easy

Sign up online. Invite your teammates. Make bookings. Never look back. Oh, and it's completely free so you don't even need to ask your boss.

We do all of the legwork for you flight search results

We've all spent days in which we've whiled away our most productive hours searching for the ever elusive "best deal", only to be left with nothing more than a headache and a crashed web browser.

There's none of that messing around with Tell us what you want and we'll do all the searching for you. We gather search results from all corners of the Internet so that we can present you with a variety of options so that you can choose whichever best meets your budget and style.

We answer to no one, except you hotel search results

We don't care if you choose a cheap and cheerful hotel that sits on the side of the M6, or a boutique hotel that offers you a warm cookie and cocoa before you go to bed. We don't care if you book a flight that requires you to knot your legs in a yoga pose in order to be able to fit behind the seat, or a luxury first class resort with wings.

Unlike many of the big travel websites, we've got no hidden agendas and absolutely no *wink wink* deals with hotel chains, airlines or train providers, which in turn means that you get to see the complete picture and see the cheapest prices. The only thing we care about is helping you to quickly find the best hotel, flight or train for your journey.

We'll keep your inbox tidy for you bookings made

Your inbox is a black hole - once something lands in there, it's lost forever and you'll never find it again. Which is why you'll never find the several email confirmations that contain all of the vital information for next week's trip. can save you from that fate. We want you out of your inbox and into your business so that you can get on doing stuff that actually matters, which is why you can make, amend and cancel bookings without switching sites, meaning that you can manage your travel in one place, rather than via your inbox.

We travel with you mobile flight results

No more trying to clumsily tap fiddly links with your giant fingers. No more awkwardly trying to zoom in and out of webpages whilst balancing your coffee in one hand. No more SOS calls to the office when you can't access the information that you need using your phone or tablet. will travel with you on board absolutely any smartphone or tablet, meaning your bookings and important information is right with you, wherever you are. There's no lag or delay in transferring information - bookings sync seamlessly across all devices so that what you see on your laptop is exactly what you see on your phone.

We know that it's not just you team bookings isn't a sweet, well-meaning little tool that can't cope when asked to manage anything more than your travel arrangement - it's a beast and it can quite easily handle the travel for your entire team.

Whether you need to book a trip for someone else or look up where everyone else is staying at that conference next week, makes collaborating and arranging travel with your colleagues much easier than if you were locked in a meeting room together.

We were built for business mobile reports

Slick websites and nice graphics are all very well and good, but ultimately it's your mission that's the priority. Travel is often a significant cost that usually goes unknown until some bright spark cracks out a spreadsheet. doesn't believe in the 'unknown' and so provides you with complete visibility of your travel spend through smart reports, delivered automatically when you need them, in Excel format. The party animals in finance will have a field day.