It goes without saying that technology has revolutionised almost every area of our modern lives. From speaking your shopping list to Amazon’s Alexa to using face recognition to unlock your phone, the speed at which technology is progressing is increasing, making our lives easier, quicker and more connected.

So far these advances have, for the most part, been adopted more by B2C than B2B products and services. But really, should there be any difference in how you book your annual getaway to a sunny beach or snowy slope and how you book your monthly business trip to see your client in Hull?

Leisure travel booking tools are often slick and simple to use, offering up potential airports and hotels based on previous searches and allow you to sort search results in a way that suits you. They offer basket or option saving and sharing and easy price comparisons, as well as all the additional extras you ask for – both bundled and unbundled. All while your business travel booking tool looks like it crawled straight out of 2004.

Well not anymore! We’ve never understood why you shouldn’t be able to enjoy the experience of booking your business travel, the same way you enjoy booking your holiday, which is why we came up with

Want to search all your options, add your top picks to a basket and share it with your colleague before booking? If you can with leisure travel, we think you should be able to with business travel too.

We’ve combined all the components consumers love in their travel booking tool with the additional requirements needed for business travel booking, such as travel policy controls, aggregated content and approval systems. A personalised, intuitive user experience for individuals combined with a customisable offer for organisations. Everybody wins.

Booking business travel has never been so easy. Give a go today- it’s free!

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