Established in 2015, Black Horse Global works with SaaS and technology clients based in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool. Travelling to visit clients is a weekly occurrence and an important aspect of the consultancies delivery.


Historically the marketing consultancy had used various booking websites for rail and hotel bookings. This not only took valuable time away from the actual client work, but also became an organisational nightmare when each site sent through the booking confirmations for multiple trips – resulting in inboxes full of booking confirmations. Reconciliation per client was also a headache at the end of the month which sometimes delayed invoicing.



BHG started using in June 2016 and has benefited from all the rail, hotel and air brands being under one roof, in one easy to use website. The search functionality allows for finding the best deals and the ability to book rail, flights and hotel all in one checkout. We only have to enter our card details once, no matter how many tickets we book which saves a lot of time considering the amount of travel we need to see our clients. Being able to set up clients on as a cost centre allows the business to quickly allocate travel spend to each client and run off a report at the end of each month to bill clients quickly and efficiently. We can also allocate cost centres per team member so it is easy to see who is travelling where and at what cost.


“ has revolutionised our travel and our billing. It’s so easy to allocate travel by client and it has saved us so much time to
be able to search and book all our travel on one website”.

Our clients have given us great feedback on the travel report that we append to each monthly invoice.

As there are no booking fees, we have saved a small fortune compared to booking through other third party sites.

As a team we are able to book our travel ourselves quickly and efficiently and can rely on the itinerary that is sent to our email address, so we always know our travel timings when on the move.

The bookings page gives an overview of travel so we can easily see where each member is travelling to and on what date.

We have saved approximately 3 days in admin each month on travel booking and invoicing.