The Live Group is an award winning full service events agency based in Kingston Upon Thames. Established in 1975 in exhibition services, the company has gone on to offer strategies to engage with delegates using innovative events technologies, working with an array of clients including FTSE 100 companies, charities, institutions, and government departments.


Whilst organising an event for a corporate client which included rail travel for all delegates, The Live Group were met with the challenge of booking and managing a large volume of rail tickets. Approaching numerous Travel Management Companies (TMC) to outsource the management of the bookings was unsuccessful due to the travel need being a one off, whilst TMCs are for long term contracts. They also found that most online 3rd party rail ticket retailers are unable to handle large volumes of bookings in one order, meaning each delegate would need to be processed individually, meaning a long process of sorting through confirmation emails and forwarding references to the correct delegates.



Using The Live Group were able to book over 250 rail tickets as well as corresponding hotel rooms for the event and with confirmation and reference numbers sent out directly to each individual delegate – the management and admin was simple! They even pulled off neat reports as they could assign each of their clients with a cost centre.

Results not only saved lots of money for The Live Group, but also helped to deliver a professional and streamlined delivery of travel and hotel bookings to their clients delegates, meaning a good brand experience for them.

Saved over 5 days admin time in handling each booking individually.

Unlike other 3rd party booking sites, allowed a large volume checkout meaning hundreds of rail tickets could be bought in one checkout payment and the travellers get their ticket details sent immediately.

Reporting by client was simple and took seconds to run off.

Great feedback from delegates on the day, who found their travel and hotel arrangements very easy to follow.