If you can stay in it, we’ll know about it

Property Directory is a global database of places to stay, containing over 1,000,000 hotels, guest houses, B&Bs, hostels and other forms of accommodation.

Each property in the directory is assigned a globally unique Universal Property Code (UPC) and contains rich information about the property, it’s facilities and it’s location.

Property Directory underpins hotel search on the travel.cloud platform, helping determine which results to include in search results and providing users with information about each property to enable them to make an informed decision when choosing where to stay.

Our doors are open to the world

Property Directory data is freely available to third party developers via the travel.cloud API, which means the data it contains can be used by apps and websites around the world to build rich experiences for their users.

This means proprietors only need to update their data once and their changes will be reflected in apps and websites across the globe.

How to update your properties

Property Directory is a self-service solution. If you’re responsible for the marketing of a hotel, guest house, B&B or other form of accommodation, you can simply sign up and claim your properties. Once claimed you’ll be in full control of your property’s data.